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About Us

Located in Cusco Peru, we are perfectly positioned to work with the rural villages of the Peruvian Andes Mountains surrounding the Cusco area to provide you with the highest quality Boots, Fabrics and Fashion Accessories while helping the local villages improve their overall quality of life. The beautiful Textile that is sewn into each and every pair of boots is hand woven by the Native Andean Women living within the rural communities located within the Peruvian Andes. The unique weaving process of the textiles ensures that each and every pair of boots is a unique model. Due to the weaving and dyeing process with all natural resources found in the Andean Mountains such as berries & foliage, each textile becomes its own unique piece of art.

We ensure that all of the Manufacturers of Jewelry, Tapestry, Shoes and other Fashion Accessories we use pay their employees a fair wage and by working with the local tax authorities we can ensure that our manufacturers not only pay their workers a fair wage but also provide both dental and health insurance to each employee and their family as required by Peruvian Law. We are a socially responsible company and ensure that all of our products are manufactured in a socially responsible fashion.

A percentage of every purchase goes to a local Non-Profit organization that provides support to rural Orphanages in the form of Project Creations that will provide the Orphanage with a steady income, thereby increasing their ability to improve the quality of life of the Orphaned Children of Peru. The Non-Profit organization works directly with Orphanages to form projects, helping to provide qualified employees, setting up Purchasing Agents to purchase their products and ensure that the children of the Orphanage can have the best, carefree childhood possible.

Mission Statement:

Peruvian Fashion Imports brings beautiful Fashion Accessories and shoes from Peru into the United States. Peru has some of the most beautiful textile Designs, Jewelry, and alpaca clothing in the world. By working primarily with small rural communities we can bring the most exclusive and beautiful Fashion Accessories to you while helping to improve the overall quality of life to the wonderful people residing the rural communities of Peru.

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